Kansas has experienced numerous disasters and other emergencies that have caused significant damage to utility infrastructure of many communities. When disasters or emergencies strike there must be an effective and coordinated response so that utility services are restored. One of Kansas' strengths is that its citizens have a strong neighbor helping neighbor ethic.

The mission of the Kansas Water/Wastewater, Gas & Electric Mutual Aid Program is to support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response and mutual assistance for utility systems in Kansas. Through this website, municipalities and rural water districts can access a network of resources and assistance including emergency and other maintenance equipment, materials, communication devices and most important, other people who know utility operations.

Sponsors of the Program
This program is sponsored by non-profit organizations whose missions are designed to assist the utility industries, environment, health and safety of all Kansans: Kansas Rural Water Association | Kansas Municipal Utilities | Kansas Section American Water Works Association | Kansas Water Environmental Association
In addition, several State Agencies combine their efforts towards the program: Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Kansas Corporation Commission, and Kansas Division of Emergency Management.

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